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Hear what people have to say . . .


“I had NO idea I could experience this level of bowel function! I thought I was doomed to suffer with constipation the rest of my life. What a new found joy I have at this point of my life.”  – 65 yo female

“Our 3 year old son responded so well- reporting no more tummy pain after the hiatal hernia visceral manipulation. Thank you for teaching me what I can do to prevent a sliding hiatal hernia and what to do if it returns. I finally feel like there’s hope.” – 32 yo mother


“Thank you so much Dr. Keller for traveling to California to be with me during my appointment with Dr. Pimentel. My husband and I both agree, and tell all our friends that you are the doctor that I have always wanted! No one has ever understood and listened to me the way you have. Thanks to you I now understand my risk factors, my treatment options and expectations. I’m more educated, empowered and in control.” – 52 yo female

“Thank you for helping me Dr. Keller and for all you do. You are appreciated.” – 11 yo male


“Dr. Keller I just wanted you to know how much you’ve helped me and I’m forever grateful. People are so lucky to have you help them!” – 33 yo female

“Having worked with you Dr. Keller and with Dr. Pimentel I must say I’m impressed with the true definition of integrative care that I have received. Your expertise is critical in my opinion in ensuring I maintain my optimal results!” – 69 yo male


“I had lost all hope after being turned away by many physicians suggesting to get end-of-life details in order if I couldn’t gain weight. Because of you Dr. Keller, I have an understanding of what the underlying cause is in my case and I can now directly see what foods and treatment affect my weight and am able to make noticeable changes. In my opinion you’ve helped save my life!” – 53 yo female

“My wife and I were telling some friends we are still amazed at how much better she could feel by the end of one office visit with you after years of going to multiple other doctors. Today you amaze me again Dr. Keller! She was having one of her acute abdominal pain episodes as we were in the reception area for our return appointment and you were able to address the pain she was having and have her be pain free by the time we left!  Not only that but with the breath test results we now know why she has the episodes. We are finally treating the cause of the problem.” – 60 yo male


“My 17 yo daughter just told me the stomach pain she was having is gone after you moved her stomach, I nudged her and said speak up and tell the doctor! It has been well worth the trip!” – Parent of 17 yo female

“Dr. Keller because of you I’ve gained weight (8#) and I have energy to work out. I haven’t felt this good in years!” – 33 yo male


“The fibromyalgia symptoms are GONE! I have my life back and BONUS – I’m down a dress size, even after menopause!” – 56 yo female

“Our son has been PAIN FREE since following the food guide you provided. We have been amazed at how well he has been doing after many emergency room visits with no findings. We are so grateful and hopeful to have found you to treat our son.” – Parents of 11 yo male


“Yay Dr. Keller! People have commented (and I LOVE) that I’m in my skinny jeans after losing over 20 pounds in 3 months while treating my SIBO, I’m so motivated and hopeful as the goal is to lose more. The best part is I’m maintaining the weight loss and the SIBO is SOLVED!” – 42 yo female

“I finally came to you because I’m done treating myself! Even though I’m a doctor I’m exhausted trying to figure it all out. I don’t know how you do it! What you explained about my risk factors and how it relates to my case has been enlightening and empowering. I appreciate the amazing work you’ve put into your protocol!”  -46yo male


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