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How has your SIBO Solution / Gut Health seeking journey been?

Has it been smooth sailing?

Has it been a little rocky….

Or can you not even count the number of hours you’ve spent researching the subject? You are exhausted with having to keep up with the latest summit and maybe even feel like you know more than the doctor or practitioner you have seen.

This level of stress can lead to adrenal insufficiency which can occur as a result of chronic stress. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing cortisol which responds to your immune system slowing down and your blood pressure changing.

When you have SIBO you’ve probably experienced a bit of stress and / or anxiety, if not a lot. This can lead to your adrenal glands to increase cortisol and then eventually not being able to produce enough cortisol. At that point it’s called adrenal insufficiency and can lead to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is rare and not recognized by all medical professionals (although, please note the wording on one of the functional lab tests mentioned later on in this post).


SIBO diagnosis


Adrenal symptoms that may overlap SIBO:
Body Aches
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Issues
Loss of appetite
Low blood pressure (90/60)
Muscle weakness
Stomach pain
Weight loss



First it’s important to recognize! I admit even as a doctor at first I was so focused on my thyroid (thought that would be the ‘miracle’) then balancing my hormones (ROLLERCOASTER RIDE…) that the third piece of the thyroid-adrenal-gonad complex went to the side, my adrenals!

Honestly I was over all the products there are to choose from and I wanted to FEEL the difference not just take something because “that’s what’s good for the adrenals”. Oh yeah, prove it!

Once I found a company I know is reputable and started addressing my adrenals, at around three weeks I began to notice an increased optimism and stamina throughout the day. I found I had clearer thinking, ability to plan and to take action!

Enter life lesson . . . because I felt so amazing I decided to pull back on my supplements as a means of seeing how steady of a foundation I had built and why not save money!

Well, I am here to tell you that was interesting! My body was sending me signals. Signals I needed to “wake up and recognize!” My body was telling me that I needed to continue to focus on supporting my adrenals.

These are the signs and symptoms that I noticed as an ALERT to address my adrenals:

(1) Snooze Button
Historically I’ve never been a morning person. However when I got serious about specific adrenal support for my system, I found myself naturally waking up early and I grew to love being an early riser.

Then the seasons changed and day light savings hit. And since I was feeling better I discontinued my supplements…. Three weeks later, I’m hitting the snooze button!

I am happy to report that within ONE WEEK of resuming my supplements I woke up naturally and rested at 6:00am with the desire to meditate! I thought it would take weeks to get back on track!

(2) Crave Caffeine / Sugar
I was in denial about both of these because I have been reducing my caffeine intake during the last 5 weeks. Not recognizing that I’ve been sampling alternative black tea (caffeine) and adaptogenic drink options.

I was adding stevia to which I thought I was also reducing, however I was not factoring in my sampling frequency. I have since stopped stevia and never going back again (my favorite Fleetwood Mac song) I’m very proud of myself!

I was also in denial that even though I was around 25g of sugar per day, I was CRAVING the berries I was allowing myself.

(3) Stay up later
For whatever reason I noticed I was staying up later and for no good reason. I mean seriously, another Bravo show! Yeah I admit it, I can be hypnotized by some mindless television. This was yet another sign! During my commitment to heal my adrenals, I had been getting ready for bed around 9pm and consistently asleep by 10pm. Ideal sleep / healing time is between 10pm-12am. I had no FOMO on SNL weekend update because it was more fun to watch Sunday morning with my favorite beverage anyway.

(4) To-do List vs Accomplished List
When I was addressing my adrenals I made ”accomplished lists” meaning this was my way of giving myself a gold star! I’d much rather be accomplished then told what “to-do”.

After discontinuing adrenal support, it was back to “to-do” lists. Lists that as I was making them I would sit and look at the items and have zero motivation. I would say to myself if I accomplish one of these things today I’ll be proud of myself.

We all know the list is always there and when you slow down, it just gets longer and more daunting. So, I make posters. I take a piece of paper from the printer and some crayons and I make a manifestation poster of what needs to be done.

For example I’m looking at one that states “Business Handled Today” which also indicates how much better I feel because I am following my list and getting tasks complete. Whereas 2 weeks ago I had one that had to be more specific “Pay Health Insurance” so that I would be sure to get it done on time.



(5) Low Blood Pressure
While I don’t have all of the symptoms associated with low blood pressure at or under 90/60, I found my blood pressure to be consistently low when I started taking it with a wrist monitor around the time I was on a heavy sauna treatment plan.

Again, this was another learning moment at the time. Instead of just increasing my electrolytes, an adrenal support supplement would have been warranted. However, every time I’d look into adaptogens or adrenal complex my analytical Virgo brain would explode. Thankfully I decided on an adrenal supplement specially formulated for low blood pressure (Adrenal Px L-BP) and I monitored my blood pressure multiple times a day and recorded it in My Fitness Pal notes.

*Caution: The ingredients contained within Adrenal Px L-BP can elevate blood pressure and heart rate, thus these products are not intended to be taken by individuals with cardiovascular disease. Due to these effects, patients taking Adrenal Px L-BP, should have their heart rate and blood pressure monitored regularly.

My blood pressure monitoring goal was during adrenal times which is first thing in the morning (6-8am), sometime between (2-4pm), (6-8pm), and (10pm-12am)* Note: I should already be asleep! It took a few weeks to get back to bed earlier.

21 days to build a habit!

(6) Mindset
For me, this is really my tell tale sign that my adrenals are suffering. On the adrenal support soundtrack we have Bob Marly’s 3 little birds “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” This is when I am mediating daily and utilize tapping for any lingering negative thoughts because I can be gung-ho with positive affirmations, but if I don’t acknowledge the “yeah right” negative voice in my brain then it can get louder.

On the Adrenal alert we have Chicken Little’s “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” and let’s just face it, my meditation practice goes out the window and my self talk turns mean girl. I have been quite cruel to myself during an adrenal eclipse!




The following are affiliate links to two companies offering testing for purchase online. There are options to choose from salivary, urine and/or blood. Yay!


(1) Adrenal Function Saliva Panel – a Labrix Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol (4 samples during 1 day)

(2) Adrenocortex Stress Profile, Saliva – a Genova Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol (4 samples during 1 day)

(3) Salivary Adrenal Fatigue Stress Test | Advanced – a Diagnostechs Home Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol (4 samples during 1 business day)
• DHEA & DHEA-Sulphate
• Total Secretory IgA (sIgA)
• Gluten Antibody
• 17-OH Progesterone
• Insulin (2 samples)

(4) Basic Female Hormone Saliva Test – a Diagnostechs Home Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Estradiol (E2)
• Estrone
• Progesterone
• Testosterone
• Androstenedione

(5) Adrenal Fatigue Test | Basic – a Diagnostechs Home Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol (4 saliva samples during 1 business day)

(6) Salivary Hormone Panel – a Diagnostics Home Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol (4 samples – 24 hours)
• Testosterone
• Estradiol
• Estrone
• Progesterone
• Androstendione
• LH
• SIgA

(7) Adrenal Stress Profile | Canada + New York – a Genova Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol 24 hrs. (4 timed measurements)
• DHEAs (2 timed measurements, averaged)


(1) Dutch Test | Adrenal – a Precision Analytical Home Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Cortisol
• Cortisone
• Cortisol Metabolites
• Cortisone Metabolites

(2) Dutch Test | Comprehensive – a Precision Analytical Home Test Kit

What’s being Tested:

• Cortisol
• Estrogen Metabolites
• Androgen Metabolites
• Progesterone
• Cortisone
• Cortisol Metabolites
• Creatinine
• Melatonin (6-OHMS)
• OATs
• 8-OHdG


(1) Cortisol Test + Neurotransmitter Test – Sanesco Labs Home Test Kit

What’s Being Tested:

• Neurotransmitters
• Adrenals
◦ CORTISOL (4x Samples)
◦ DHEA-s (2x Samples)


(1) Cortisol – Random Serum Test

(2) Cortisol – AM Blood Test
*Blood drawn BEFORE 10am

(3) Cortisol – PM Blood Test
*Blood drawn between 2-4pm

(4) DHEA-S Blood Test



We have talked about recognition, so now let’s talk about what to do about it. I’m probably going to surprise you with the first one! I appreciate your openness : )



(1) Feng Shui for the bedroom
Since sleep is so important, if any of the following are in or around your bedroom, consider removing and/or rearranging the room:

(a) Living plants, dried flowers

(b) T.V., ALL electronic devices (laptop, ipod, cellphone) if they enter the room, they are in airplane mode only.

(c) WiFi is OFF if this means it’s turned off in the whole house then so be it! And be it even better for you!

(d) Electricity meter on the side of the house or the wall of the bedroom is a BIG NO-NO! Let me tell you a quick story: there was a couple trying to get pregnant and they discovered the electric meter for the 4-plex they lived in was on their bedroom side of the house. They moved their bedroom to another area of the house and both of their sleep improved and eventually they were able to conceive.

(e) Clutter and uncleanliness have to go! You want fresh bedding and an organized space upon going to bed and waking up.

(f) Furniture positioning. Now I have to say, this one may throw some people off, but for some this could be life changing! According to Vastu principles, the human body acts as a magnet with the head as its North Pole. If the head points north while sleeping, the North Poles of the body and Earth will repel each other, affecting the blood circulation and causing disturbed sleep and stress. South, East & West are acceptable. Reference [] You can use your compass app on your cellphone to check the directional position for the head of the bed. I’ve recommended this to parents of infants or toddlers and they have been amazed what changing a bed position can do!

(2) Get to bed
No matter what, be heading to bed by 9pm and in bed by 9:30. NO excuses!



SIBO, Autotimmunity & Food Coloring


(3) Nutrients via supplements and / or food.
The top nutrients I recommend
Buffered vitamin C Ascorbate vs Ascorbic Acid
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
B6 (Pyridoxine)

REDUCE / PAUSE *Let’s face it you know this, so do the best you can!
White sugar and artificial sweeteners
White flours
Fried, processed or fast food

Grass fed lean meats
Pumpkin seeds
Leafy greens
Colorful vegetables
Whole grains
Low sugar fruits
Balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fats

(4) Adaptogens
I’m going to highlight Sun Potion here; a line of adaptogens I carry  in my online store.  I have used this brand myself and appreciate the quality of the products.

(a) Mushroom/Fungi: Reishi & Cordyceps

If you tolerate mushrooms/fungi, you could incorporate Reishi for immune support and stress relief and/or Cordyceps for immune support and mental power. Both taste great in your morning cup of coffee or tea.

(b) Herbal: Ashwagandha & Triphala

I’m sure many of you have heard of Ashwagandha and all of the uses and benefits of this herb. It can be used to support the immune system, reduce the effects of stress, and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Ashwagandha can easily be added to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie.

Triphala is a good source of Vitamin C and also aids in supporting healthy digestion. This should be taken before bed in some warm water or your favorite caffeine-free tea.

(c) Nutrient: Green Adaptogen (Suma, Chlorella & Maca blend)

The Green Adaptogen contains amino acids, trace minerals, and B Vitamins. The blend promotes energy levels and supports the immune system.  It tastes great in smoothies!

(d) Blend: Yin Power

This blend contains Organic Reishi Mushroom, Wildharvested He Shou Wu Extract, Wildharvested Pearl Powder, Tocos, Organic Ashwagandha Extract, Wildharvested Pine Pollen, Wildharvested Astragalus Extract, and Organic Shatavari. It supports immunity, hormonal balance, stress relief, mental clarity, and more. I use this every morning in my tea, but it can also be blended in smoothies, shakes, or you can get creative and incorporate it into your favorite raw chocolate recipe!



(5) Hydration
If you have a tendency to reach for caffeine and/or sugar around 2-4pm, this may mean you’re dehydrated. Try drinking water when these cravings hit.

(6) Environmental Toxins
The U.S. manufactures 5 trillion pounds of chemicals per year.  70,000 different chemicals, and only 1,500 have been studied for toxicity. Americans use 2.3 billion pounds of pesticides annually and eat more genetically modified foods than the rest of the world combined.

For a year I worked with a gynecologist who has been in practice over 40 years. His theory is that the hormonal changes (and other chronic disease such as diabetes which has clear evidence) seen over the last 4 decades is largely in part due to environmental chemicals. He’d often prescribe cortisol, due to the extent of the adrenal dysregulation.



The first step to better supporting your adrenals is to recognize your symptoms! And sometimes this is easier said than done. It may be helpful to keep a journal of the types of symptoms you’re having with details such as what time of day it is, what you have eaten that day, where you’re at in your cycle (if you’re a menstruating woman), additional life stresses at the time, etc… This can give you and your physician valuable information.

The next step would be to test. There are many different types of tests out there (as we listed above) so please make sure to speak with your physician to see what testing they would recommend for you and your specific story. This is where that journal can come in handy! The more information the better in order to choose testing that best fits your needs.

And finally, treat! This may not always be the most obvious choice or the most “conventional” style (such as the feng shui example) but with the help of your Doctor and your own intuition you can find the treatment styles that are best for you.

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    Thank you….this is me….I also have fibromyalgia…which has more to do with the active epstein barr virus I’ve been diagnosed with….I bought your yin formula….

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