SIBO Solution! | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

Please visit our Scheduling Page for more information.


Q: How much do the In-Person Office Visits and Video Conferences cost?

Please visit our Appointment Information Page for pricing and further information on visits with Dr. Keller.


Q: Where is your office located?

Dr. Keller’s home office where she sees patients is located on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.


Q: Do you work with patients outside of California?

Yes, Dr. Keller does see Clients via Video/Phone Conference and does offer follow-ups for Patients via Video/Phone Conference. For more information on the difference between a “Client” vs a “Patient” please see below.


Q: What is the difference between a “Patient” and a “Client”? 


  • Someone who is seen by Dr. Keller via Video Conference or Phone Conference only and not seen in-person. 
  • Someone who has not been seen in-person for over 1 year by Dr. Keller

If you are a client, please note that due to the fact that you have not seen her in person means that she is not your physician. This means that she can not diagnose you, provide you with CPT/Diagnosis codes for insurance, write prescriptions for you, or order certain labs for you. She can review your health history, recommend treatments, provide information and dosage of herbs/supplements, recommend labs, etc…


  • Someone who is seen by Dr. Keller in-person at her Los Angeles office in an appointment setting. 
  • Someone who has been seen in-person at least once a year by Dr. Keller

If you are a patient, please note that Dr. Keller is a Naturopathic Doctor in the state of California. Due to certain laws, she can not prescribe certain medication prescriptions at this time. 


Q: How many follow-up visits will I need? 

This will depend on the complexity of the Patient/Client. Follow-up visits could be anywhere from every 7 days to every 30+ days depending on the specific case.


Q: Are labs and supplements included in the visit pricing?

No, labs and supplements are not included in the visit pricing and are an additional cost. We offer different options for lab testing to best accommodate you and run specials on supplements frequently.


Q: I have not seen Dr. Keller in over a year. How do I schedule?

For Patients: If you are a patient and have not seen Dr. Keller in over 12 months In-Person or via Video Conference, you are considered a “NEW Patient”. At this point you could schedule a “New Patient Office Visit”  to re-establish a Doctor-Patient relationship with Dr. Keller, OR you could schedule a “New Video Conference” to establish a Client relationship with Dr. Keller. To review the difference between a “Patient” and a “Client” please see above.

For Clients: If you are a client and have not seen Dr. Keller in over 12 months via Video Conference, you are considered a “NEW Client”. At this point you would schedule a “New Video Conference” to establish a Client relationship with Dr. Keller.


Q: For my video/phone consultation, will Dr. Keller contact me or will I contact her?

Dr. Keller performs the Video Conferences with her clients/patients via SKYPE. Please add Dr. Keller to your SKYPE Contacts List: MKellerND. She will confirm the invite the day of your visit. If you do not want a video conference and would like to speak on the phone instead, please DO NOT add Dr. Keller as a SKYPE contact. Dr. Keller will contact you via the phone number you provide when you scheduled your initial conference.


Q: How do I re-schedule or cancel my appointment?

When you schedule a Video Conference or In-Person Appointment you will receive a confirmation email with the date/time of the visit along with other relevant details. To reschedule or cancel your visit, please use the link provided in the confirmation email.

You will need to cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Refunds for advanced notice cancellations will be processed within 48-72 business hours. No refund will be offered for visits cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


Q: How do I send medical records to Dr. Keller before my visit and will she review these labs prior to my visit?

Dr. Keller can and will review labs along with the in-depth “New Patient/Client Paperwork” or “Follow-Up Questionnaires” prior to your visit. The labs/records are uploaded by our patients to “CHARM”, the portal used by Dr. Keller to share medical information with our patients/clients. When you schedule, Dr. Keller’s assistant creates a CHARM account for you the day before your scheduled visit. You can then upload your labs/records there. Please note: there are certain labs/records that are more important in the beginning, so Dr. Keller would focus on these first. This means that she may not review certain labs you include until a later date in your treatment/care with her. Many of our patients/clients have been dealing with health concerns for years, so they come to us with fifty to hundreds of pages of labs, chart notes, etc… This is not realistic for her to look through, especially prior to an appointment/conference. The treatment and care really does have to go in steps and within those steps certain labs are more relevant than others and she will make that call.


Q: Does Dr. Keller bill my Insurance?

No. Dr. Keller is not contracted with any insurance companies and does not process insurance claims for patients. We believe that third party payers should not interfere with the Doctor-Patient relationship, influence medical decisions, or limit access to care. Your case requires special attention and time that is not covered by insurance companies.

  • In-Person Office visits: Dr. Keller does not accept insurance for office visits. However, we can provide you with a coded “insurance friendly” super-bill which you can then submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Please note: If you have not been seen in-person by Dr. Keller at least 1x/year we can not provide you with a coded super-bill.
  • Treatment: Generally not covered unless you have prescription coverage (for pharmaceutical medications only), HSA card, MSA account, or something similar.
  • Lab testing: If you have insurance, some or all of the testing may be covered. Please consult with your insurance company regarding coverage of lab testing.


Q: Do I still need a Primary Care Doctor?

Yes. We do not provide acute or urgent care services and we do not replace the services that your current Primary Care medical team provides. We provide a stand alone service that is focused on root cause and advancing your health.


Q: When do I start feeling better?

This is very specific to the individual and their case. Some patients/clients feel relief within a few days, while for others it may take months. Dr. Keller can provide you with a more specific timeline during your visit.