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Looking for a SIBO treatment with REAL RESULTS?


SIBO Testing | Natural Treatment | REAL Results

Have you had trouble finding a real solution to SIBO?

Unfortunately many of us have encountered some of the following:

No Answers

You’ve been to multiple care providers and have had many tests done without realizing any answers or improvement.

No Help

You’ve been prescribed SIBO treatments that not only didn’t help, but may have worsened your condition, such as common IBS medications, increasing fiber, taking a probiotic and / or eating fermented foods.

Worsened Condition

You’ve probably been told to try treatments for SIBO that actually contribute to the problem, such as proton pump inhibitors, broad spectrum antibiotics and yes even probiotics!

Meet Dr. Melanie Keller

I specialize in the treatment of SIBO including genetic and epigenetic influences linked to environmental toxins that contribute to an imbalanced gut microbiome and gut motility dysfunction. I obtained my doctor of naturopathic medicine degree from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. My education included an extended internship and post graduate training with Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND, DHANP as well as post graduate training with Allison Siebecker ND, MSOM, LAc. and I was a founding physician in the development of the SIBO Center and SIBO Symposium(s) at NUNM.


The transition to California happened over time and after I spent time with Mark Pimentel, MD and his team at Cedars-Sinai’s GI Motility Program and the Pimentel Laboratory.
SIBO Doctor
SIBO Information

SIBO Doctor

My ongoing research and extensive experience with patient care has shown me again and again that treating SIBO is a very complex condition.


You want a doctor who knows how to identify and treat the root cause successfully. Seeing, hearing, and empathizing with my patients motivates me to understand every small and obscure aspect of SIBO.


I have been inspired to continuously refine treatment strategies that produce lasting results for people. Each is individualized according to a number of factors including symptoms, genetics and health history. Have you had food poisoning? How’s your dental health?


My approach rests upon a simple premise: I help patients identify the root cause and then create their road map for healing.

SIBO suppliments

SIBO Treatment

STOP continuously treating SIBO or chasing after yeast, parasites, lyme, mold and / or “leaky gut”. Identify the common denominators.


The goal is to identify why you have SIBO or other gut dysbiosis. You may have genetic / epigenetic reasoning that contributes to your unique situation. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t.


When we uncover why, real results can be achieved. Environmental toxins (xenoestrogens) and heavy metals (metalloestrogens) play a HUGE role in today’s world. Testing and specific treatment for these factors is a game changer!


Schedule with an experienced SIBO doctor. The one you’ve been looking for to be the detective on your case! Here are just a few SIBO Solution Testimonials from people who have experienced lasting results.


“I finally feel like there’s hope”