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Looking for a Natural SIBO treatment with REAL RESULTS?


SIBO Testing | SIBO Treatment | REAL Results

Are you looking to find a real solution to treating SIBO?



Have you been to multiple care providers and have had many tests done, been on every SIBO diet, continue to experience SIBO fatigue, and are still looking for answers or improvement in SIBO symptoms?


Have you been prescribed SIBO treatments that not only didn’t help, but may have worsened your condition, such as common IBS medications, increasing fiber, taking a probiotic and / or eating fermented foods?


Have you been told to try treatments for SIBO that actually may have contributed to your current problem, such as proton pump inhibitors, broad spectrum antibiotics, and yes even probiotics?

Sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. Many of my current patients and clients come to me with these exact same frustrations. I get it!


The thing is, you need to find a practitioner who helps you hone in & learn to listen to your intuition that’s often been ignored over the years of your healing journey.⠀


You need a practitioner who not only uses their medical background, but their intuition when listening to you, your body, and your story.⠀


You need a practitioner to help you co-create a plan based off of not only the black & white part of medicine (labs, protocols, etc), but also the “gray” of what feels right — trusting the gut.⠀


If you feel like you’ve been searching for someone like this, I want you to know I’m here for you.⠀


My patients & clients always mention to me how much they value that I value what their body is saying.⠀

How can I help YOU?


👉 I will rarely put you on an over complicated diet or difficult supplement regimen that ultimately doesn’t work for you. I utilize a simple trick to help you balance the pH of your stomach. You’d be surprised that a simple adjustment in the pH of your stomach can bring about dramatic results…fast (and no…this isn’t Betaine HCl…)



👉 Through visceral manipulation, I’m often able to put your “insides” back into place so that they can work properly — often for the first time in many years. (NOTE: I often see patient’s walking out feeling dramatically different even after one session)⠀



👉 I harness the power of both your intuition and mine to focus in on what works for YOU — no general protocols here 🚫⠀


“I finally feel like there’s hope”