SIBO sos™ summit II

October 21st - October 29th 2017

At SIBO SOS Summit II Dr. Keller presents on "Where Digestion Starts: Oral Health & SIBO".


Inspirational Entrepreneur: Dr. Melanie Keller

August 2017

Interview of Dr. Melanie Keller by Holistic Entrepreneur Association.


The Healthy Gut Podcast

Episode 37

Dr. Melanie Keller joins Rebecca Coomes to talk about Oral Health & SIBO. 


SIBO sos™ summit

June 24th - 28th 2017

Shivan Sarna is hosting the SIBO SOS™ Summit starting on June 24th and going for 5 full, enlightening and educational days to help you learn not only what SIBO is, but its link to IBS and how you can take your health back into your own hands to heal from both. 

Don’t let IBS and SIBO keep you down any longer. This exciting health summit is 100% free for you to attend – so go ahead and hop on over right here and get all the details and get signed up! 


2017 SIBO Symposium

June 3rd - 4th 2017

At this years 2017 SIBO Symposium Dr. Keller presented on two topics: 

1. Risk Factors and Environmental Toxins

2. Managing Treatment Failures in SIBO, IBS and IBD

Click here to purchase the 2017 SIBO Symposium recordings. 


The Healthy Gut Podcast

Episode 27

Dr. Melanie Keller joins Rebecca Coomes to talk all about her 4-Step program to treat SIBO: rebalance, reinforce, remedy and renew. 


Phoenix Helix podcast

Episode 29

Dr. Keller joins Eileen Laird on Episode 29: SIBO with Dr. Melanie Keller.