Meet our Team


Dr. Keller- at home.jpeg

Melanie keller, ND

Dr. Melanie Keller specializes in the treatment of SIBO and associated conditions. Dr Keller's evidence-based approach addresses SIBO, IBS and IBD to include genetic and epigenetic influences, now being linked to environmental toxins that contribute to an imbalanced gut microbiome and gut motility dysfunction. When she is not seeing patients she enjoys stand-up comedy, therapeutic walks with her dog and is a wanna-be-foodie! 


Karylin cochrane, Assistant 

Karylin is the Office Assistant for SIBO Solution! and works remotely from her office in Portland, OR. She is the main contact for patients, clients, and all other inquiries. She is a WWU Alumna with a passion for natural medicine. On her off time she enjoys hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, impromptu trips to the Coast, playing with her pup in the back yard, and tackling renovation projects around the house with her husband.