My Approach

After listening to hundreds and hundreds of patients, I have concluded that many doctors and other providers lack the specific knowledge necessary to effectively treat SIBO.

To be fair, gaining that knowledge isn't easy. My ongoing communication and training with experts in SIBO from around the world has put me at the forefront of research in this very new field.

Constant study and contact with patients has lead me to understand the underlying mechanisms involved in SIBO.

As a result, I know that the critical risk factors must be addressed first and head on before lasting results can be achieved.

My approach rests upon a simple premise: I help my patients identify the root cause of their illness and then create a road map for healing.

Let's start on the road to recovery now. Schedule now and get results!

ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSE and stop chasing symptoms!


First and foremost, my goal as your doctor is to create an environment in which you feel at ease, safe and comfortable.

Everything is dedicated to making it easy for you to speak freely and confidently and to ask questions.

The next step involves properly assessing your risk factors in order to develop treatments that produce results.

Each person's microbiota is unique!

My goal is to start a treatment phase that achieves >75% improvement in gastrointestinal function.

Yes! It is possible to experience a life without the daily discomforts and frustrations arising from chronic gastrointestinal problems . . .

draw on the collective experience from top experts in the field


I obtained my medical degree from the nationally accredited National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR.

My education included an extended internship followed by post-gradute training with renowned Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, as well as post-graduate training with Dr. Allison Siebecker ND, MSOM, LAc. 

I continue to work closely with them and with collective experience that encompasses the cases of over 5,000 patients, we recognize that is is absolutely invaluable to have physicians meet regularly to discuss that latest research and clinical findings. 

For more information, please read the following Townsend Letter article (February/March 2014 issue) "The Importance and Relevance of IBS in the Female Patient."

My clinical focus is in functional gastroenterology (specifically SIBO and associated conditions such as IBS) and musculoskeletal medicine (including hiatal hernia visceral manipulation and joint mobilization.)



SIBO - Results

Your goal is to get results!

Time and time again I see patients who have exhausted themselves (and considerable sums of money) without achieving the effective or lasting results they desired.

By analyzing the most pertinent risk factors and throughly understanding the individual person, I am able to provide care that is both effective and priceless!

So I've been told . . .

To read a small sampling of the stories from some of my patients who have achieved lasting results, take a look at the SIBO Solution! Testimonials page. 




You are the first doctor who gets it!
It is priceless to work with a physician whose practice is focused on treating SIBO.
I finally feel like there’s hope.