Dr. Melanie Keller, ND

Dr. Melanie Keller, ND



Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. Melanie Keller and I have seen patients suffering with digestive and chronic health conditions spend years on treatments that did not work. 

If you've been misdiagnosed or received SIBO treatment that hasn't helped, now is the time to get results! Millions of people – an estimated 50% of the US population - struggles with a microbiota imbalance known as Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Discover how my dedication to understanding research and most of all the individual, makes all the difference in effective treatment of SIBO. 


Although we haven't met yet, if you are a person struggling with SIBO, I likely already know a bit about you, for example perhaps:

  • You've been to multiple care providers and have had many tests done without realizing any answers or improvement.
  • You've been prescribed SIBO treatments that not only didn't help, but may have worsened your condition, such as common IBS medications, increasing fiber, taking a probiotic and / or eating fermented foods. 
  • You've probably been told to try treatments for SIBO that actually contribute to the problem, such as proton pump inhibitors, broad spectrum antibiotics and yes even probiotics!
  • You've spent countless hours conducting research on SIBO on your own and that's how you've found me!

I know, because I myself suffered unnecessarily for years. Thankfully as a naturopathic doctor I was finally able to identify and resolve my issues. However I am always fine-tuning my system to find optimal balance. A monumental step forward has been made addressing environmental estrogens from disrupting our bioavailable hormones. This is significant as the body shifts from a catabolic state to an anabolic state. I also strategically support methylation pathways and mitochondria function.

Being an SIBO expert is my passion! I've dedicated myself to learning everything I can about SIBO. I do not believe it is a fad, I believe it is the future. While I strive to have an evidence based approach, I also trust people's gut and my medical expertise and intuition.

I've been called 'The Microbe Whisperer' because I listen very closely to what people tell me and they are often amazed at how I am able to quickly identify the root of the issue and customize a SIBO treatment strategy accordingly. Since I am immersed in the latest research and am constantly revising and updating my methods, with a specific eye to individualized results based treatments of SIBO.


Yes! You can find a knowledgeable and caring doctor who wants to listen.

  • You may want to be told your condition involves more than just 'leaky gut' . . .
  • You want a doctor who's practice treats SIBO everyday and knows how to identify and treat the root cause successfully.
  • You want to be heard.

Most of all, you want to feel better and get results!



My ongoing research and extensive experience with patient care has shown me again and again that treating SIBO is a very complex condition.

Quite simply, few understand the challenges involved. 

When I say that every patient is unique, I mean it . . . how were you born, were you breast fed? Have you had a head injury?

No one protocol I create for someone is exactly like any other. Each is individualized according to a number of related factors, including symptoms, genomics and unique health history.


SIBO - Results

STOP spinning around in circles and exhausting yourself with research. I'm more than happy to teach you why you have your SIBO and how to manage it.   

Release yourself from the MYTH that a restrictive SIBO diet must be followed or you are doomed to relapse!  

Embrace food freedom and balance in your life!

Treatment is tailored to the individual and their unique history and situation.  


I am amazed at the level of improvement I’ve experienced in such a short period of time. The multiple ways in which you have helped me Dr. Keller is absolutely priceless! “
— 55yo female